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Are you Looking for a rental management software for your agency? UpangajiRMS® is a modern, easy-to use rental management software used by landlords and property agents alike. It provides a way to centrally manage your properties, with features that include landlord, property and tenant management, tenant billing and collection, supplier management, communication and reporting. You get the sophistication your back office personnel require and the simplicity your managers need to be more productive and efficient. UpangajiRMS® is a proven solution for companies managing all types of residential or commercial properties.

  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Completely cloud-based
  • Operates in real-time
  • Offer daily backup
  • Interface with your webiste
  • No Limit on properties managed
  • Monitor rent Payment
  • Get reports round the clock
iconCross platform compatibility

You can access UpangajiRMS® from a MS Windows computer, Mac or Linux computer.

iconCompletely cloud-based

UpangajiRMS® is completely web-based and runs 100% on cloud using a browser of your choice. Common browsers include MOzilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

iconOperates in real-time

UpangajiRMS® operates in real time i.e. information needs to be entered once and is available wherever and whenever you need it, individually or your company wide.

iconMultiple system users

UpangajiRMS® allows registration of multiple users to the system, each with a unique username and password. All staff members can access specific parts of the software without interference from each other.

iconBackup your data DAILY!

With your data backed up daily, your data is secure incase of accidental deletion.

iconInterface with your webiste

UpangajiRMS® can be interfaced with the company’s website so that prospective tenants can search for empty / available rental property on the company’s website straight from the internet.

iconNo Limit on properties you manage

With UpangajiRMS® there is no limit to the number of properties you can manage. Neither is there any extra / hidden costs for extra properties managed.

iconMonitor your rent Payment

Use UpangajiRMS® to monitor your rent payments (including part payments and advance payment). Rent and deposit amounts only need to be entered once and billing is done automatically.

iconCustomize your letters

Use UpangajiRMS® to write and print letters from the software based on templates, including service contracts, tenancy agreement, demand notices, distress letters, introduction letters, vacate notice etc.

iconGet reports round the clock

Get reports in real-time by the click of a button. UpangajiRMS® offers Quick and easy reporting – reports can be customized to fit the client’s operations.