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UpangajiRMS® provides a robust accounting system that includes a General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting, and drill–down financial reports that integrate seamlessly with a powerful property management database. UpangajiRMS® helps you increase your productivity by organizing your rental information, reducing your number of delinquent accounts, and automating your accounting and reporting.

  • Landlord Management
  • Property Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Reporting
  • System Configuration
  • Other Modules
iconLandlord Management

  • Register landlord accounts with their contact details. Manage and delete accounts as deemed appropriate
  • Track deductions made from landlord as well as advances given to landlords.
  • Track disbursements given to landlords after tenants pay rent and after commissions have been deducted.
  • View and print landlord statement on monthly basis showing payments done by tenants and any outstanding amounts carried forward to the next month.

iconProperty Management

  • Register and manage properties for the landlords registered
  • Register and manage units in the said properties filling in details such as rent deposit amount, electricity deposit amount, water deposit amount, monthly rent, water, electricity, security and sanitation amounts.
  • Manage the billing frequency of units in the properties individually
  • Manage VAT for commercial properties
  • Print landlord service contract forms straight from the system

iconTenant Management

  • Register and manage tenant contact details.
  • Assign rental units to tenants. Tenant can rent more than 1 unit in a given property.
  • Automated monthly billing of house rent, water, electricity, sanitation and security charges.
  • Receive rent from tenants via cash, cheque, or bank deposit and print receipts.
  • Print letters for tenants directly from the system. E.g. demand notes, distress letters, vacating notice, tenancy agreements etc.
  • Vacate tenants and issue deposit refunds.


  • View and print invoices for tenants.
  • .
  • View and print tenant statements.
  • View and print bank-slip report for transactions done at the bank.
  • View and print field reports for field agents.
  • Send SMS and Emails to Tenants and Landlords.

iconSystem Configuration

  • Register and manage user details.
  • Register and manage user groups.
  • Assign different users certain modules of the system to enhance security.
  • Add and manage bank branches, unit types and holiday dates.
  • View daily audit trail for users.

iconOther Modules

  • Register and Manage Suppliers.
  • View and Print Management Reports e.g. Tax reports, commission report, daily collection report etc.